Wednesday, January 19, 2005 Commemoration of the liberation of the concentration camps is taking place right now.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 Commemoration of the liberation of the concentration camps is taking place right now. And causes many reflections. Read among the tribune of B.Poirot-Delpech in the World. This question is of great interest pedagogy. Liberation comes to turn on the exclusion of students by the Disciplinary Board J.Jaures school in Montreuil. "No preparatory work is going to fail," recalls Rabbi Serfaty in the same journal. Several newspapers also back on the generosity of students at the Tsunami. As recalled a unionist questioned "This is part of the school to pass on the values ??of solidarity and generosity" Finally, another guided news in your newspapers is obviously the strike of the public service and especially teachers , Thursday, January 20. The main unions are hoping at least 50% of strikers. Here, however, if we can talk about solidarity value, we can look long the generosity of the side of the Ministry … … Happy Reading ——————– ————————– Liberation of Auschwitz on 19/01/05 the disciplinary Board exclusions imposed on two students Jean-Jaures high school in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), for engaging in inappropriate behavior during a class trip to Auschwitz, create a stir. Yesterday, the two boys went in appeal board to the rectory of Creteil. The rector did not make an immediate decision. He wishes to reserve a time of reflection before confirming _ _ or modify the sanctions. While it is customary not to overrule the disciplinary bodies. But many wonder about these exclusions and the "absence of educational dimension." The educational team was divided on the nature of the sanctions to be taken. Just as parents. Read more of the article "No preparatory work, we are going to fail," Michel Serfaty, rabbi of Ris, created the Deportation association, persecution and memory that holds for nearly twelve years of memory trips Poland for classes of public institutions, especially vocational schools "for nearly twelve years I meet students of vocational schools, whose classes are composed of 50% of children from disadvantaged families, resulting in some of the North African immigration or African, who do not have the historical culture of the Holocaust, I know that if we do not do preparatory work ahead for at least six months, we are going to fail. I say clearly that in the case of Montreuil, everything is the responsibility of teachers. »Read more of the article Polyphony scholarship By Emmanuel DAVIDENKOFF Three voices of teachers and three books, in which none erects his personal experience dogma. School minefield Carole Diamond, Liana Levi, 128 pp., 12 €. Professional Life by Laurent B. Laurent Binet, Little Big Man, 190 pp., 15 €. The school is fine by Anne Hebrard, L’Harmattan, 91 pp., 11 €. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 19/01/05 yellow rooms for victims of the tsunami in Juliette CM2 class has already filed small cents taken in his piggy bank and coins of one euro in a box on the desk of the mistress. Emilie, she thinks that the ticket operation could also speak for more help Asian children. Small school of normal Catholic School in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris, remained "speechless" when listening to a prestigious former student came to tell them about the collection of yellow coins. Bernadette Chirac, it is indeed her, came accompanied by the Minister of Education Francois Fillon, and the beloved godfather David Douillet, launch the 16th edition of the operation. She emphasized that this year, half the recipe will be collected on children hospitalized in South East Asia tsunami victims. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 19/01/05 guest of the week Hubert Tison secretary general of the Association of history and geography teachers in public education (APHG). For decades, between 1880 and 1960, and in a less grotesque than has then said, teachers taught their students the love of country along with the love of humanity the human rights along with the rights of the nation, because homeland and nation seemed not opposing values. We believe this copy of a student from school for girls in the Rue Chaptal in Paris. It’s March 1931, the girl is complementary course. The wording of the subject leaves no doubt about the feelings of the master, which certainly reflect those of the majority of his colleagues: "Show in specific terms that if he must love his country, it is good not to be chauvinistic . "[…] can we get back to what we called the enlightened patriotic consensus? The debate is open on this, but the usefulness or even the possibility of the restoration of patriotic values ??in education is challenged by three phenomena: First, the economic crisis and mass unemployment are undermining a of the population confidence in political institutions and elected officials; Then, the school faces the challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of students from recent immigration. The school must first introduce them to their homeland, France, its history, its geography, the values ??of the republic, its institutions, […] finally, third phenomenon: European construction, which poses the problem of emotional allegiance that we as teachers must foster in our students. Should You love France? Or should we say that France is the past and the future, if this is Europe? Must be like Europe? Or should we do nothing at all to love, banish all emotional presentation of the history and geography of the country? […] Read the rest of the article —————————————- ———— Le Parisien 19/01/05 the anguish of all parents after the accident because after the bus accident where seven students returning from winter camp were severely injured, worry parents earn. Older drivers, illegal labor, lack of controls … Transport Minister wants reform. Read more of the article galley Day in Schools Teachers leave the fight. Tomorrow, the mobilization will be especially followed from kindergarten to university. The main unions, united, banking on a "majority movement with at least 50% of strikers" .Forcement more than four calls last year that have not managed to awaken a particular profession sounded after the failure of spring 2003. "it took time, and even if this failure is still present in our memories, it seems to me that it is outdated today," Gilles Moindrot analysis, general secretary of Snuipp first union in the primary. "Every colleague realizes that this government does not help them in their daily difficulties; in law, nothing is also planned on improving teachers’ working conditions, "insists Luc Berille SE-UNSA. The loss of purchasing power, the defense of public services are also among the reasons for this anger. The reasons for discontent disputed yesterday by the Ministry of Education: "The budget increases for twenty years while our results in languages, mathematics, reading … are down," says an adviser to Francois Fillon. "This is not a problem of resources, we must reorganize our school," he said. […] Read more of the article Never school has been generous in this strike Eve teachers, the Ministry of Education and the major teachers’ organizations are at least agree on one point: the school never did much mobilized for a cause. Everywhere, from kindergarten to high school students and teachers do not lack ideas to raise money for victims of the Asian tsunami. "It’s unheard of," we are assured rue de Grenelle. "In 1992, Operation Rice for Somalia had been a great success, bringing children of school bags but that is not commensurate with what is happening right now. This is part of the school to pass on the values ??of solidarity and generosity, "comments Luc Berille Teachers Union. The initiatives, always followed or preceded by discussions and explanations of what happened on December 26, are incalculable: bake sale in a nursery of the eleventh arrondissement of Paris, paying small concerts in Bordeaux schools achieving video clips to encourage donation in Dijon college students quests professional tray with companies in the academy of Nice … Read more of the article "I had a huge penalty" No Anouk has still not forgotten "the wave." "At recess, we continue to talk with my friends," says the little girl. What shocked schoolgirl, it is mainly the images she keeps in mind for almost a month. "It was crazy, this big wave, huge, I saw that many people were dying because of it, that children were left without parents alone. "Anouk admit: she had never been so scared. "I had a huge penalty," she glides softly. Soon, the child forms a vow: why not imagine a collection in his school? "On the radio, everywhere, we kept saying that people gave, I thought that in my class too, we could do with our pocket money" Anouk wants to act. "She did not dare to speak directly to his mistress, says his mother, Nathalie. So I intervened. If we make children aware of injustice, later they will be more supportive adults. "The proposal Anouk unanimous. An urn is made with a white band marked a large "1 € for Asia» Read more of the article This software also helps dyslexic children since the beginning of September twenty-two students of two classes of sixth College of Saint Joseph of Saint-Saturnin (Puy-de-Dome) experimenting with voice recognition for their courses. rather special because students suffer as 5-6% of school children in France of written language disorders. They are dyslexic: no mental disability but enormous difficulties in learning to read and write. "We have created for them a simplified and adapted software that allows them to listen to information rather than reading them on screen but also write their answers and correct them so that the machine interprets them correctly," says Gilles Vessiere, specialist speech technologies behind the project. Using voice dictation, a heavily dyslexic child achieves a nearly impossible job for him until then: write a readable text with a very small number of spelling mistakes. It can make voice what he can not write because of dyslexia which limits its literary expression because he is unsure of the spelling and syntax of sentences. It can also "say" (he imagines dictate text or write an essay) it’s hard to write one. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 19/01/05 children in school theater "There are fifteen, you asked the children what the theater, they could not answer. Today, most have seen shows and many have been introduced to its practice in the school or extracurricular time. It is for them an experience both cultural and alive. "Patrice Melka, who conducts workshops within the Ekangha association in Lyon, confirms have someone do your homework
the renewed interest that young people experience in the theater. At the National Theater and animation companies Federation, a pool of amateur theater, moreover there is a growing number of licensees under 16 years and, over the years, initiatives have multiplied. "This is a very wide field of discoveries, says Patrice Melka. Put on a show with children leads them to ask the question text, to build a character, creating costumes, learn the codes from the scene. If there is a personal development dimension is always inside an artistic concern. "While there are still twenty-five years," the speakers were entering the school by the stairs service ‘, teachers today are likely to recognize the benefits that derive their students an artistic initiation. "It is very directly a school mobilizing factor, socialization and skills development in language, through the discovery of a class object to create" notes Jean-Pierre Loriol, national delegate of Anrat ( national Association for research and theatrical action). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 19/01/05 No veil before the eyes Dounia Bouzar again changed their hair color, but kept his freedom of tone and action. She just released a book and to resign from the French Council of the Muslim Faith, which she was qualified member. This anthropologist, former educator in the North and converted to Islam, was chosen for his knowledge of Muslim youth. But the difference with the official was too great. […] His thoughts, she just publish them in a book that strikes some truths. "The real question is: what is it to be a Muslim in a secular society. These young people do not have Islam as a reference and are wondering what kind of Muslims they want to be. Let them find their answers. "It refers back to back and all fundamentalists eager to recovery. Read more of the article Toulouse Gallieni The school is reborn on the rubble of the old It took over three years to see lead the reconstruction project of the Gallieni high school, destroyed September 21, 2001 by the explosion of AZF plant. Yesterday, the area revealed the key aspects of the future school, the largest of Midi-Pyrenees, in his opening September 2007. Read More Article ————– ———————————– West of France 19/01/05 in college computer is on the table for two years, is used daily laptops Racine College of Saint Brieuc (Cotes d’Armor). This tool creates a real motivation in students. And allows teachers to provide enriched courses, attractively. Read more of the article in Vannes, the students write to prisoners in Vannes, a French teacher has created a correspondence between high school students and prison inmates. Beyond the simple writing work, a true reflection on citizenship that prepares students to French tank. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 20/01/05 Given the flood of requests, towns canteen deprive children of unemployed at Vaires-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne), the municipality requires "a certificate for each employer of the parents. " The court has already sanctioned such "violations of the principle of equality." Read more of the article Auschwitz 60 years later, the memory against oblivion by Bertrand Poirot-Delpech The commemoration becomes a national sport, wedged between two Sundays in football – no surprise. The ceremonial wears, consensus trivializes the memory that is supposed to honor. The memory of the Holocaust did not need this. A tribune of which is the goodwill forward such days the record of Nazi inhumanity if not "inhumane", as if there were degrees in barbarism when a high culture of the country dramatically raised toddlers three years for the crime of being born Mayer or Benguigui is the most frightening routine.Signe: the SS in disguise of an heir to the throne passes to a simple lack of taste. […] on 75th anniversary is tomorrow, will do more in the rear for eternity the teacher writing on the blackboard camps unpronounceable names Silesian, and the bell of the "playground" will give the gaming signal ball. Forgetfulness of thoughtlessness will have the beautiful part. Two mysteries, at least, can not disappear celebrations and school programs – the last chance to defy time. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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